Kubernetes Book Club

The Kubernetes Book Club is a CNCF Community Virtual Chapter now

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Current Books

Cover Title Club Dates
book cover Platform Engineering on Kubernetes 2023/03/01 - still going Join and RSVP Friday 18:00 UTC
book cover Production Kubernetes 2023/09/22 - still going Join and RSVP Thursdays 15:30 UTC

Completed Books

Cover Title Club Dates
book cover CKS Study Guide 2024/01/12 - 2024/02/23
book cover Acing the CKA Exam 2023/09/14 - 2023/11/17
book cover KubeBuilder Book 2023/07/14 - 2023/08/11 free
book cover The Path to GitOps 2023/02/24 - 2023/03/17 free
book cover Istio in Action 2022/11/14 - 2023/02/17 free preview
book cover Istio Ambient Explained 2023/02/17 - 2023/02/24 free
book cover Kubernetes Secrets Management 2023/01/02 - 2023/01/03
book cover Terraform in Action 2022/12/26 - 2022/12/27
book cover Observability Engineering 2022/08/05 - 2022/11/04 free copy
book cover Hacking Kubernetes 2022/04/22 - 2022/08/05 free 4 chapters
book cover Kubernetes Security 2022/04/01 - 2022/04/22 free copy
book cover Container Security 2022/03/11 - 2022/04/01 free copy
book cover Networking and Kubernetes 2022/01/28 - 2022/03/11
book cover 97 Things Every SRE Should Know 2022/01/14 - 2022/01/28 free copy
book cover Production Kubernetes 2021/03/05 - 2021/12/17 free copy

Proposed Books

Cover Title Club Dates
book cover Learning eBPF Full Edition (March 2023)
book cover Security Observability with eBPF
book cover Kubernetes: Up and Running, 2nd Edition
book cover Kubernetes Security and Observability
book cover Programming Kubernetes
book cover Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes
book cover Kubernetes Operators free copy
book cover Kubernetes In Action
book cover Kubernetes Best Practices
book cover The Manager's Path
book cover Team Topologies
book cover System Design Interview
book cover Implementing Service Level Objectives SLO
book cover Cloud Native Transformation
book cover SRE Google Book read online
book cover Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches
book cover Designing Data-Intensive Applications
book cover Accelerate
book cover Staff Engineer: Leadership beyond the management track
book cover An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management
book cover The Dichotomy of Leadership